“It’s all just a road back to the self, all the distractions, are just lights, blurring fast, slowing to a dream….
Sometimes in the dead of night, when the world goes quite and it aint so bright,
The colours flow into forms with sound and word attached to the life lived, I squared self layered pulling back self…
They come in through.. sometimes fully everything everymore on and on… like lives lived before.
The filter that is I. Filters them out, in song, word, acting or momentary connected form.
The I that is nothing but everything at the same time, agrees wholly.
And there begins the breath of life…
The truth of the sight, the sound of night, the beginning of the experience which equals the art that equals the breathing to the path, breath hard, live now, plan tomorrow, but forget what needs forgetting.
Its all about the Journey cause its a downer when you get done, so its wax off wax on, on repeat repeated form forever more.
Squares are meant to be square, so let me be the fire and the air that swirls and engulfs the norm.
Leo rising, Viking horizon, Pagan spirit, Romantic soul one day i’ll soar maybe you’ll remember the feeling of that, that, aye.
Blue eye-d piano touched healer.
Dont forget but try to let go as that is to forgive, so forgive, i for give to the former I-s.
Never give up till you cant give up
Karmic reactions are the reason I am here…
This is the last incarnate incarnation of the myth
Its all a game.
And soon it will be game over… man.
So i try to smile, and show my broken heart…,
in the hope you wont stick a spear in just cause you can,
so lets bare arms only at a push.
And embrace the fact we are just dust, trying to live out a form for a wee wee bit…
I’ll see you on this side, for a bit.”





James Galvo Parker


The Weight

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